Grand Knights Message
February 2017
Matt Kuczinski
, Grand Knight
Henry Stolzenthaler Council No. 1675
Knights of Columbus
100 Kreischer Street
Staten Island, NY 10307
"In Service to One, In Service to All"
Dear Brother Knights, Sister Columbiettes, Families and Friends,

It seems that it was only days ago when we said goodbye to 2016 and here we are a month into
the New Year and a lot has happened. We have a new President that has taken his oath of office
our Giants are out of the playoffs and the Atlanta Falcons and the NE Patriots will be entertaining
us on Superbowl Sunday. We held a first degree on January 19 and it was in honor of Brother
Knight Joseph DeTrano and we witnessed 6 new members join the Knights with 5 joining our
council. We watched television and witnessed many violent protests and many peaceful ones all
due to not liking the new president, Donald J. Trump. We can only hope that he will prove them all
wrong and be a great president bent on “Making America Great Again”.  We as Catholics find this
time to be somewhat rewarding as we have a Pro Life candidate from New York in the White
House and will continue to pray that he does support Pro Life. In the month of January we had a
membership drive at OLHC on the weekend of 01/07 and 01/0/8 held a Night at the Races on the
15th and the annual Rite to Life Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and finally Polish Night on the 29th.
I thank all that helped over the course of the month with the various events and to the kitchen team
for always helping out whether it was for Friday Night Dinners or for our own meetings. We will
continue to have several events coming up so check the bulletin for all activities and other
important messages that you may have missed. Thank You and God Bless.

Fraternally Yours,  
Matt Kuczinski GK