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Poll: Success Linked to Ethics

   A poll of Americans and high-level business leaders proved what Knights of Columbus
insurance agents have known for generations: religious beliefs and values should be an
integral guide to business decision making.  Those surveyed also revealed they believe
personal and corporate gain drives executives’ decisions. Overall, they believe, as do the
majority of the executives polled, that the moral compass of corporate America points in the
wrong direction.

   Only 19 percent of Americans would award corporate America a grade of A or B for its
honesty and ethical conduct. Forty percent of these respondents had the banking and
financial industry in mind when answering. 

  The positive side is that 75 percent of Americans surveyed believe that it is possible to
be successful and ethical in business. They also believe that high ethical standards
strengthen a company’s advantage over its competitors, in both the short- and long-term.
Additionally, more than 90 percent of people strongly consider a company’s reputation for
honesty and ethical conduct when considering whether or not to invest with them. 

   Nearly two-thirds of those polled believe corporate leaders should rely on their religious
values for guidance in the business arena.  In this tough economic climate, it’s of
paramount importance that all Knights are reminded of the moral, ethical commitment of the
Order to serve its members and their families. Earning just a passing grade is not
acceptable to me or the other professional insurance agents of the Knights of Columbus.


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