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A Founding Notion: Protecting the Breadwinner’s Income

While jobs may be safer in 2016, accidents, injuries, and illnesses that can impact your
ability to work still happen. Most, in fact, do not happen on the job site or place of
employment. Did you know that a 2011 study revealed that more than 95 percent of the
long-term disability claims on file were not work related?

The Knights have always sought to protect members’ families from the “loss” of a
breadwinner. I’m sure you know all about Father McGivney vision for our insurance
program. But you may not know that Father McGivney also wanted to find a way to help
members who couldn’t work because of an illness. After all, the “loss” of the breadwinner
does not have to mean that person’s death; it can also mean the loss of the breadwinner’s

Consider that loss for a moment. How would your family fare if a source of income suddenly
stopped? Could a dual-income family manage on one income? What about young families
with a working father and a mother who cares for the children? What if his income halted
due to an accident or illness?

I’ve heard some people say they have coverage at work, but too many aren’t sure what this
coverage entails, how much income it would provide or for how long. Having this protection
counts for something, certainly, but it isn’t “yours”; it’s provided by the company for which
you work at their discretion. It could be eliminated tomorrow.

That’s where a personally owned disability income insurance product, like Income Armor,
comes into play. It can offer valuable income replacement in the event of an injury or
illness. If you have a job, you must know about this coverage.


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